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Quality staff has never been so easy to find. Accessible, cost-effective and dependable professionals when you need them.

On-Demand Professionals For Your Staffing Needs

Our partners put their faith in us to provide access to experienced and vetted professionals for their busiest nights or biggest events, and we take that task on with pride and determination. Click here to become a business partner today.

Benefits of Being Business Partner

How DreamStaff Can Help You

See below for the businesses we serve and the positions we fulfill.

Restaurant Staffing

Hiring a full-time employee is not always an option. With DreamStaff, you have options. Getting a fully stocked restaurant staff for busy nights just got easier. DreamStaff can connect you with:

  • Servers

  • Host(ess)

  • Bartenders

  • Barbacks

  • Runners

  • Dishwashers

Banquets and Catering Services

Ensure your business has the staff that gets your clients coming back to you. Whether it be for Banquet Halls or Catering Companies, our Dreamers are well equipped to thrive in fast paced environments. Reach out if you require:

  • Servers

  • Bartenders

  • Set-Up and Tear Down

  • Vaccine Passport Check

Event Services

Throwing a Private or Corporate Event? Dreamers will ensure your guests have a great experience in ways only true professionals can. We want to help you host a hassle-free and successful event. Contact us for:

  • Servers

  • Event Setup/Cleanup Crews

  • Bartenders

  • Vaccine Passport Check

  • General Labour

Become a Business Partner

Become Business Partner

Contact us and we will send you an exclusive link to become a Business Partner.



Phone Number: 604-788-0270


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